Ourika Valley

1 Day


Discover the natural beauty of the Ourika Valley on a day trip from Marrakech. Marvel at the lush green landscapes, visit traditional Berber villages, and witness the stunning waterfalls that dot the region. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and scenic wonders of the Atlas Mountains.


Day 1 :

Day trip commences at 9.00am leaving Marrakech into the foothills of the Atlas Mountains to the picturesque village of Ourika. Explore the Beautiful Ourika Valley nestled high in the Atlas Mountains after visiting an aromatic garden. The Ourika River pierces the foothills of the Atlas making the valley green with orchards and terraced crops. This beautiful valley is also punctuated by a string of small douar homes. On arriving to the village of Setti Fadma we navigate the winding path to reach the waterfalls at the top enjoying a lunch stop along the way.


  • Transport by Air conditioned Mini van


  • Drinks
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
What activities can we expect to do in Ourika Valley?

In Ourika Valley, visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking to the waterfalls, exploring Berber villages, shopping for traditional handicrafts, and savoring local cuisine at riverside cafes.

Are there hiking opportunities for different skill levels?

Yes, there are hiking trails suited for various skill levels, ranging from leisurely walks to more challenging treks. Local guides can recommend the best routes based on individual preferences and fitness levels.

Can you recommend any authentic local restaurants or cafes in the area?

Visitors can sample traditional Moroccan cuisine at restaurants and cafes in Ourika Valley, offering dishes such as tajines and couscous prepared with fresh local ingredients

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Ourika Valley
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